What Next…?

02 Jul What Next…?

Today was such an exciting day! When we woke up, w07,02,2006_compe had oatmeal for breakfast, and went swimming. While swimming, Mom and Dad stopped putting the tent away to watch us for a little while. While they were watching us, Sydney noticed something, she said

“Mom!!! Dad!!! The tent is flying away!!!”.

Sure enough, the tent would have been across the beach if it hadn’t gotten caught on the cattails.

We packed up the canoe and went back to the spot where we saw the pike and the sucker. We cast our rods in and nothing bit that day, but it also paid up today. When we reached the entrance of the river the dragonflies were very playful and friendly. They kept landing on the canoe or us, 07,02,2006_syd_compone gigantic green one landed right next to Mom on the camera case and it was too bad that she couldn’t get a picture of him. Then, Mom noticed 2 huge minnows with strange markings on their back. When a big group of small minnows swam by the big ones, they ambushed the small guys! They were definitely baby pike, and we also saw a baby smallmouth bass!

Mom lifted her paddle out of the water and there was a leech on it!

On our way out we even saw mother mallard and her two babies, and they went right next to us! We paddled back the RV and had a great day in all.

– Andie Trépanier

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