Wake-Up Call

06 Jul Wake-Up Call

An alarm clock was not needed to wake us up this morning. Carl nudged me and whispered, “There’s a wolf outside the tent.” Sure enough, I could see just his big paws prowling past under the tent fly. By the time I sat up, he had made his way to the back of the tent, looking past Carl’s shoulder, all I could was the wolf’s head filling the back vestibule as he stared at us through the screen door. Still half in our sleeping bags, we felt pretty vulnerable knowing the only thing between us and this mystical creature was a flimsy piece of netting. As he moved around the tent he ventured towards our packs. I grabbed the camera and stumbled out of the tent in my underwear, that would be a sight for sure (fresh meat). I raised my voice a few times, and after his curiosity was satisfied, he moved on, and so did we.

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