Woke up to a promising day. Conditions were clear enough to warrant a second try at seeing Mount Thor from the north side perspective, so Marten and I began hiking back up the Weasel River Valley. After a few kilometers that included the requisite river crossings, we got to a place where I felt I could drop my pack and look around for a place to set my easel. I felt that I was close to being “in the zone”. But 2 hours later, after climbing the valley walls a ways, and checking views from behind what seemed like every boulder on the river, I came up empty. What’s going on here!?!

I think that the options for composition were just so plentiful, that I couldn’t stop and settle down for fear that I might see a better option right afterwards on the hike back. Kind of silly I know but at last I just made myself go and sit down, and 20 minutes later I was painting with the last light of the day beginning to fade. Painting can be at times a frustrating experience, for reasons that you wouldn’t expect!

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