The Warm-Up

27 Jun The Warm-Up

Today was a good warm-up, after orientation from Park superintendent Monty Yank, and sorting gear again. Carl and I headed out for a six and a half hour hike behind camp, with a partial load on our backs. There was a lot of stop and go along the way. We were both feeling it pretty good after the hike. Looking at the map again made us realize we’d better alter our plan. That big loop we were planning on doing just got a whole lot smaller. No matter how much planning and research I do, it never quite matches up for the real thing. The scale of this land is so enormous and vast. But I’ve learned from past trips that plans are merely guidelines, and up here you have to be very flexible. Finally we had supper at eleven, and got to sleep. The real adventure begins tomorrow, when we head out and leave camp behind.

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