08 Aug Storm

Today was very exciting indeed. But I wouldn’t ask for another one like it. We were with Dad while08,08,2006_comp he was painting. But we soon got up and left. That day was very hot and sunny so we got the idea that we would have no trouble. Until, huge walls of black clouds started to swell up. From the direction of the wind, (Which was behind us) we thought it was going to pass right away from us; even Jonah was sitting down with a cup of coffee while watching the huge streaks of lightning. It was so electrical my hair was standing on end! The thunders’ roar was magnificent and we were having a fine time enjoying it. Dad had started to pack up painting gear and made his way back.

So here we are all drinking a bit of coffee talking. Dad was taking some footage until it started to sprinkle. We tied of the ATV to our tent along with the sled and slipped inside. We were all fine until a big SWOOSH and a huge, powerful wind coming towards the cliff came towards us like a bullet. And with it, came very heavy rain our tent was big, and built for ventilation. It was so powerful that Mom and Dad had to hold up the tent. Sydney was crying and we were scared, especially when it started to hail. When the storm let down for a tiny bit, we dashed into Jonahs’ tent (which was farther away from the cliff and closer to the ground. Jonah was as relaxed as could be, waiting out the storm with a cup of coffee and a warm tent.

So as you can tell, we all made it and had quite a time.

– Andie Trépanier

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