Polar Continental Shelf

25 Jun Polar Continental Shelf

Word this morning from Tim at Polar Continental Shelf is that the flight is being put off until our gear arrives. No-one goes into the field without their essential gear for safety. The PCS (Polar Continental Shelf) is the mother-ship up here, managing all flights in and out of the high arctic, and what a job that is. Researchers in remote camps, park staff, even artists once in a while, all separated by thousands of kilometers make for incredibly tough logistics, and even harder rescue operations if necessary. With a day in town to get acclimatized to the north, we headed into the settlement of Resolute Bay, to explore, do some filming, and chat with a few locals. Having this day off proved to be a blessing in disguise, allowing me to absorb the new environment in a way I would have missed, had our gear been here on time. By the end of the day, the gear did actually make it in.

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