Painting in Tombstone

27 Jul Painting in Tombstone

07,27a,2006_comp That morning it was still raining. It was grey and gloomy. We had breakfast but the rainfall continued. We ended up spending most of our time in the RV that day.

From time to time it stopped raining, but it never fully let it up.

When the rain got milder, Dad ran out for a hike to a place to go paint. While he was out, we started our own watercolor paintings.

Later, Dad called us on our walkie-talkies signaling us to come over. So we packed up and left.

When we were on our way, we saw a rock ptarmigan. We got 07,27b,2006_compsome great footage of it. When we reached Dad, we set up a tent for shelter. In the end, Dad got a great painting started.

– Andie TrĂ©panier

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