Oh, well…

12 Jul Oh, well…

Today we had a big event happen, we were driving to Muncho Lake, on the Alaskan Highway in northern British Columbia,  and Dad stopped to hike along the highway to find something to paint, while we were at the RV. He called us on the special radio he had with him that he was going to leave his pack on the side of the road and run to07,12,2006_comp the RV because the pack was a bit too heavy and we could drive back and get it. When we drove the RV back to the place where he left his pack, it wasn’t there. Someone had stolen it! We asked a couple of bikers if they saw or knew about the pack. We checked and called many gas stations, and campgrounds to see if somebody left it there at a lost and found. But no luck.

There was stuff that was valuable in the pack, but they were all replacable. We ended at the Muncho Lake and used the payphone to call some relatives and say hi. In the end we had a beautiful spot beside the lake and slept like logs.

– Andie Trépanier

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