Off The Road To Nowhere

21 Jul Off The Road To Nowhere

Mikaela pulls in with the Arctic Kingdom Suburban, and Ryan and I toss in our gear for some Iqaluit exploration. Mikaela is working with Arctic Kingdom for the summer and guiding folks around for the Tour Iqaluit side of the company’s IntoTheArctic2015,208,Painting Behind Iqaluit 05offerings. We head to the edge of town and then further on to the infamous Road To Nowhere. We drive on the road until it ends – pretty much in the middle of nowhere as you might guess – and double back to a bridge that passes over a lovely river. Half an hour or so later, the river has now expended into a beautiful valley, and cascades through a series of rock-lined plunges. A short hike up and around reveals a nice pool of water, fed on the opposite side by a small water chute. With the great late evening sun, it has all the makings of a painting in my books. A little boulder-hoping across the flow and I find my angle from the other side and get to work. The hike back in the glow of the now setting sun is satisfying: I have my first painting from the Iqaluit region, and have enjoyed nature’s offering once again.

IntoTheArctic2015,209,Painting Behind Iqaluit 02

  • Judy de Lang
    Posted at 21:08h, 05 August Reply

    Someone should do a painting of you painting. This is a lovely pic of you at work!

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