Muskox, Arctic Hare, and Snow

03 Jul Muskox, Arctic Hare, and Snow

Today Carl and I headed out to hike up to Weasel Lake, by following the edge of the glacier then cutting up a steep valley and meandering through further valleys and peaks. Past all this this, one can finally see the small lake that backs up against Henrietta herself. Before we got too far, we came across three muskox. Great chance for some filming! We carefully stopped within a safe distance and got some footage. Back to the hike, not twenty minutes later, we stumbled upon a napping arctic hare. He didn’t seem to be worried as he woke up, stretched, and hopped away. Almost an hour later, we were finally on our way again. These hares were so friendly, we just couldn’t stop filming them. We were about twelve feet from them, they they just sat there, obviously sensing that we weren’t a threat. Even with lighter packs, the steep terrain was a workout. As we rose in elevation, the weather turned foul. Snow, rain, and wind caused us to rethink our plans. We tucked into some rocks, threw on our down vests, and bundled up for lunch. This as far as we would go. no need to get stuck in nasty mountain weather in the arctic, no telling how bad it would get. We had left at 2 p.m. and finally returned at 2 a.m. It felt great to take our boots off, eat, and fall into our sleeping bags.

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