Moving Day

09 Jul Moving Day

Time to say good-bye to Lake Hazen, today we are flying to Tanquary Fiord, about 100 kilometres south of here. Packing up this time means making sure we leave absolutely nothing behind, this is a long way from home. We had everything ready by noon for the one o’ clock flight, but last minute changes caused our flight to go somewhere else. There are no official schedules up here. You have to have yourself ready and be on standby. It gave us a chance to relax a little, and to look at John’s island again. I finally did a sketch which will be a painting back in the studio. Five O’clock rolled around and we were in the air for an amazing flight to Tankory. We could see the route Carl and I hiked from the air, and realized just how little of Henrietta Glacier that we actually explored in our time there. Endless miles of glaciers, rivers, and frozen peaks passed by in that half hour. Such a enormous and magnificent land. The vastness is breathtaking.

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