At last it was time to begin our hike back out of the park. But the morning light delayed that by a few hours. Though it was still mostly overcast, enough light poked through here and there to pull some colour out of the rocks, and so I ran in the opposite direction to begin a painting from a scene that I had hiked past a couple of times in the previous days.

Upon returning to camp at around 2pm, I felt ready to go. That was until I loaded my full pack on my back again. You see, during the 3 days at Thor, we left camp set up, and I was able to travel lighter than when we came in. Now it was time to load everything back on. I was hoping that after the relative break, and lightening our packs a little by eating more food, that my body would feel stronger now. But no such luck. Getting over the mental and physical challenge of getting going again, we covered over 8km and got back to the Rock Garden section of the park by nightfall, quite tired.

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