Last Night Out

19 Jul Last Night Out

Kind of cloudy this morning, so instead of painting right away, Carl and I opted to hike further upstream to study the lay of the land. As we returned, the sky began to open up in places, allowing light to stream through onto the land. Last night I had found a promising composition, and it was time to get moving.

As I began this new piece, the light accentuated the colour on the back side on Mount Tammia. The horizontal brown stripes of rock created a fantastic depth through perspective, and the river below reflected some of the warm yellow-oranges from the rest of the massive wall. The more I worked on it, the more I realized that my 16” x 12” canvas would not suffice for the task at hand. This one will join several others on that have made the “much larger “ list from this trip so far.

We ended the day with a spectacular view of the Macdonald River valley, which Carl and I enjoyed from a few hundred feet up the side of the mountain. Down below, our tent was a mere speck of yellow as the sun touched down on the river. We could see for miles in the direction we had come, and for more in the direction we could not go. What lies around the bend will have to wait for another trip and another day. We soaked up the view until we finally headed back down. It was a fitting way to end the day, and to enjoy our last night of camping in the high arctic wilderness.

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