Heading for the Hills

12 Jul Heading for the Hills

Geared up this morning for a few nights on the land. Park Staff, Oasis Film Crew, and Carl and I were all heading in the same direction. We got up and ventured out together. One of the biggest obstacles in the way was the Macdonald River. It wasn’t flowing too high, and other than the fact that it was extremely cold on our feet, we crossed with no problems. Things did get tough as we started to climb, even though we had trimmed our packs down, it was still a struggle. The reward came nine kilometers later, as we stumbled upon a gorgeous little lake tucked into the mountains, situated about 350 metres in elevation. It was a little remotely frozen oasis of clean, arctic water and ice. With the sun beating down at about 20ºc, we pitched our tent near the lake, hoping the ice would cool the breeze a bit. As the others set up camp elsewhere, we settled in for the day, had supper, and had some time to re-cooperate.

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