Last Day at School

21 Jun Last Day at School

Today was my last day at school and I going to miss a few events by leaving three days early: a skit, a picnic, and the last day of school parties and assemblies. Saying goodbye to everyone and telling them I would send postcards was what I mainly did today until 3:30, besides finish projects and clean out my desk. I don’t really mind leaving though, because this trip beats school events by a long shot. (Not saying those events are not fun). We spent almost 3 hours packing our RV and dehydrating food for the trip, and we’re not even finished! We even invited my Aunt over to help us make 18 pounds of bacon. I packed many books for the trip, enough for 3 months I hope. And trying to decide what we want to bring and if we really need to is hard. I try to find postcards to bring up north so I don’t go broke buying them when I’m already there. We seem to have done a lot today, yet there also seems like we have so much to do, and only in 2 days!

– Andie Trépanier

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