First Painting Begins… Finally

01 Jul First Painting Begins… Finally

Carl and I headed out from base camp to explore up the side of Henrietta glacier, what a break to travel with a lighter load. My hope was to finally begin the first painting of the trip. It’s the ongoing challenge to each painting I do! Balancing the time it takes to get into the landscape, then exploring it long enough to get a sense of it, then actually settling down and painting something. While the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, I still always want to see it. A certain kind of frustration overcomes me if I don’t get something on canvas after a few days of travel. But this was averted as Carl and I descended down near the glacier for lunch. While Carl pulled out the stove, I looked around, surrounded by the high ice walls, waterfalls, a river running alongside, and the sun beaming down, I found a great composition. I painted as the sun shifted and the cold took over. We got back to camp, had supper, and turned in at 2 a.m. Even though the sun doesn’t set at this time of year, it’s still getting cold.

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