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Leg 1: Aulavik National Park, Banks Island


9 weeks: paddled the Thomson River in Aulavik National Park, on Banks Island, the most northerly navigable canoe route in North America. Hiked and kayaked around Iqaluit. Explored Ranklin Inlet then up to Naujaat, trekking to the 1845 home of early Arctic explorer John Rae and the Harbour Islands, site of early Whaling activity. Encountered grave sites and human skull. Visited the mountain surrounded Arctic Bay and painted spectacular red 600 foot high cliffs. From Resolute travelled by small boat to Cape Hotham, where artist A.Y. Jackson (founding member of  Canada’s Group of Seven) sketched in 1930. Painted the 1845 John Franklin expedition gravesite at Beechey Island and hiked on Devon Island, encountering Thule homes from 1,000 years ago. Picked up by a One Ocean Expedition vessel and voyaged through the Northwest Passage twice, first west in to Cambridge Bay, then east, around Baffin Island, completing his journey in Iqaluit.