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Ellesmere Island, Resolute Bay, Quttinirpaaq National Park


7 weeks: first month backpacking on Ellesmere Island, in Qittinirpaaq National Park. Beginning at Lake Hazen, hiked to Henrietta Nesmtih Glacier for 10 days, encountering Arctic Wolves and Muskox along the way. Then relocated to Tanquary Fiord, hiked to the Omega Lakes and find big vista overlooking fiord. Day trip to Fort Conger, 1880’s site of early Arctic explorers Adolphus Greely and later Robert Peary.

South to Bathurst Inlet and camped at Wilberforce Falls, named by Arctic explorer John Franklin during his first expedition in 1821. One of the highest waterfalls in the world above the Arctic Circle. Then onto Pond Inlet, where travelled by bat to Tay Bay and Oliver Sound, wrapping up journey with helicopter flight into the hoodoos in Sirmilik National Park on Bylot Island.