Down the Stretch

07 Jul Down the Stretch

Covered more ground on our way back to park camp yesterday. We woke up hoping this would be last fully-loaded hike for a bit. We knew the odds were good because the acting park super-intendant Monty Yanks and one of his staff members Kevin, had offered to join us along the way and help us with some of the filming gear. As we met up with them, another wolf dropped by for a visit. Our filming gear was packed, so this gave me a chance to pull out my still camera. The wolf hung around for quite some time before heading further up the shore to lay down on where Carl and I had camped the night before. What a photo-shoot! Full-frame head shots of amazing animals. Several hours later, we dragged our feet into camp at last. Monty and Kevin had been there for some time. Stew was on in the park kitchen, what a welcoming smell for a couple of guys who had just been camping for nine days.

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