Cory on TV in Japan

22 Apr Cory on TV in Japan

The results of Cory’s first “acting” gig from when he joined a Japanese film crew in Algonquin Park, (Cory appears at the 40 sec. mark). Before meeting Cory, the show’s main character Nana visits the Art Gallery of Ontario, discovers the Group of Seven, explores the McMichael Canadian Art Collection where she learns about Tom Thomson, then discovers Cory painting in a canoe in Algonquin Park! This is a 9 minute segment from episode 10 of an hour-long docu-drama series called Mosaic ( that is being broadcast in Japan on IMAGICA-TV.

Watch the full hour-long program below, or at the included Mosaic website links:

Mosaic, Episode 10, Part 1 of 2

Mosaic, Episode 10, Part 2 of 2

Started airing spring 2017

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