Catching Up

23 Jul Catching Up

Long night. Was trying to upload almost 160 photos to our website, but the wireless connection kept dropping after each photo. Really wanted to get this done before moving on, so I kept trying until the wee hours. Over the years, my travels as a painter have taken me to some extraordinary places, and I’ve come to the realization that I cannot paint every aspect of them. At the same time, I want to show them to others and share the experience being there. Photos, videos and writing have become tools to accomplish this, and sending back what I can while in the field hopefully engages those who are following my journeys. Maybe even create a little more appreciation for these lands and encourage others to follow their own dreams too. And as I am traveling away from my family for so long on this trip, it is e specially rewarding to share with them.

Well, I finally gave up and got a few winks. Later this morning I went across the road to the Polar Shelf office and was thrilled to find a wired connection that worked well. By lunch time, I had finished the web updates, newsletters and the like, and walked back across through the still pouring rain to once again be treated to a fine lunch.

As the rain never let up, I wrote some more, and Carl and I relaxed for a bit and shot some pool. Hey, one can’t work every minute if the day.

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