Catching the Light

04 Jul Catching the Light

Stayed a little closer to base camp because of our long day yesterday, also, tomorrow, we begin our hike back to parks Canada camp at Lake Hazen. We will definitely need fresh legs for that. Staying closer to camp also allowed us to hike to the foot of the glacier where I got to explore Henrietta, face to face. Patchy clouds filled in as I searched for painting possibilities along the varied and undulating surfaces of ice. While doing so, the light broke through momentarily, and caught the top rim of the glacier and sparkled in the river below. I grabbed a few quick photos to cease the light for reference, and then it was gone. I carried on, searching for composition and at last sat down on the rocks to begin. I figured the light would come out again, so I began painting. After an hour of two, the sky did not relent. I was glad to snap a few photos when I did. Now I can merge that with the artwork underway in the studio, to finish the piece the way I would like to.

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