Breaking Camp

20 Jul Breaking Camp

Carl and I broke camp together for the last time on this trek. Though I will be doing this more over the next while, Carl will be moving on in a few days. Where does the time go. I have to admit, and so would he, that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We’ve rather abused our bodies over the last few weeks, and they could use a break. We both have families we are missing greatly by now, and he will be getting back to his before me as I continue on in the north. But before any of this can happen, we still had to hike back to camp at Tanquary. Along the way, we took time to explore the waterfall we had seen on the way in. Not huge, but as it plunged down in four chutes, one a ways above the other, it was beautiful. Carl climbed up as I took some video and photos. A few hours later, after a stop here and there, we arrived back at camp.

As we will be back in Resolute in 3 days, where internet will be once again available, I pulled out the laptop and began to sift through trip photos, trying to find the best ones to share on our website. As an artist, I strive to share these places through my art. But I can’t paint everything, and these photos are a way of showing the world further what it’s like up here, and to the give a taste of the amazing experience it is to explore this land. With over 3000 photos, it’s been a long night. My eyes are burning, and I need to turn in It’s 3am and I’m falling asleep. I still need to add captions to them, but that can wait until tomorrow.

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