I caught my first glimpse of Mount Thor today. Actually, it was a full fantastic view from an area called the Rock Garden. It loomed in the distance in what seemed like a perpetual shadow as the sun hit the land where I was sitting. It’s still over 8 kilometers away, but even at this distance it still dominates the landscape. But as impressive as it is, I need only to turn my head to find other magical views. To my Left, a glacier wraps around and down pyramid-like peaks. To my right, a granite wall that stands high before two pointed peaks that tickle the incoming clouds. And around me, are an amazing array of boulders in every shape, some so large they are stunning to behold. Small arctic streams weave their way through this Rock Garden, causing the dwarf fireweed to emerge in little pockets of greenery along the water’s edge. While exploring this place, our sun has disappeared, and the weather has turned sour. Fog, wind, and rain have forced us to find shelter under the ledge of one of the larger rocks. Yet such a great spot for shelter,  there is so much more to see and paint. Martin and I have set camp there for the night, while the unpredictable weather settled in.

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