Back To Yellowknife

31 Jul Back To Yellowknife

Max and I packed our gear this morning, for real this time, and got it outside in a big pile. Collin was nice enough to haul it down to the dock with his quad, saving us a work out. It was a beautiful morning up here at Bathurst Inlet, and as we flew off in the float plane, I thought about how it would be nice to come back with the family some time.

A great flight back to Yellowknife ended with Jean Vivian greeting us with a big smile and a hug. Jean is from Canadian North, and has been an important supporter of my Into The Arctic project. They’ve been flying me, my gear, and my team members around the north, and have been very helpful in sorting out my gear logistics. Finally, after all the phone calls and emails, I have the chance to meet her in person as their head office is here in town. More than meeting her though, she also found great accommodations for us at her husband’s crew house, which is next door to their home. He’s a geologist and uses it for workers coming and going and, as luck would have it, it was empty for the next few days. Talk about hospitality!

After getting ourselves settled, Max and I went for a walk around town, in search of dinner. Thought it would be nice to taste some local fare and found a little restaurant that was just about to stop serving dinner as it was 9pm. Maybe it was the look on our faces, but before long we had a feast on arctic char and walleye. A treat for sure, and a nice way to end the day.

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