28 Jul, 2009 At The Edge

Spent the better part of the day in just one small section of the falls. There were so many possibilities packed in there that I had to explore them closely. Unlike the first month on Ellesmere where getting a different view would usually mean hiking for kilometers to get a real change, everything that is catching my attention here around is concentrated in this one region. Hiking a bit in one direction reveals the gorge around the corner. Looking the other way I can see the big drop into the pool below. Stepping closer to the edge uncovers the world below. This was actually the biggest challenge today; being safe. The brambles crowding the edge of the cliffs hide the view looking down, and I kept trying to look past them to see. But one step too far would mean certain death, so I kept balancing my curiosity and creative desires with that in mind. I have no intention of leaving my girls back home without a daddy for my art’s sake. I finally set up my easel at a location that offered a fantastic vantage point at the canyon lip, tied it off to the nearby bushes just in case, and began painting. The power of the waters below where contrasted by a gorgeous rainbow that appears in the mist from time to time. The light spilling in caught the spire of rock and brought life to the water and froth below. A powerful scene, and one that will definitely be developed on a much larger scale later on.

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to stand in a place like this and soak it all in. I truly feel blessed to be among the few who have done so and hope my work in some small measure can pass this experience along.

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