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22 Jul All About Weather

Up early this morning. Landed safe and sound in Eureka last night for our overnighter at the Weather Station building where we were treated to fine meals and accommodations.   We hiked around after dinner in some nice weather to get a taste of this working town. Not too many folks here right now, about 15 or so, working on various changing projects. During our tour of the facilities Carl and I learned a bit about meteorology and found out that there would be a balloon launch at 6:15 am. They do this twice a day, every day, at the exact same time around in the world as 140 or so other places. Never seen this before, so we figured why not learn something new.

I rubbed my eyes to see the morning light more clearly and met Andre who was sliding open the big door to reveal a large balloon tethered to the work table inside. It measured about 5 feet across, but once released and rises to it’s maximum height before bursting, it will grow to about 35 feet in size. Andre hooked a small box with a device that measures and relays data by the second back to his computer. Comparing all this info around the world is how they understand and predict our weather. We stepped outside and within minutes, it was all over. Ballon released. Balloon goes up. Balloon gone.

After some close weather checking of his own, the pilot said it was time to continue on our way to Resolyte. We left in clear skies, but encountered fog, rain and snow as we approached Resolute. Landing there we found out it had been raining for 3 weeks straight. Yuck! Rest of the day stayed in and continue working on the laptop, editing photos for the website that I had begun up in Tanquary before the mad rush.

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