In 2006, Cory Trépanier set off on a quest to paint, film, and explore the spectacular landscapes of the Canadian Arctic. To capture the breadth of this region, Cory Trépanier undertook five expeditions to paint the furthest reaches of the North.


With a pack full of painting, filming, and camping gear, Trépanier traversed over 60,000 kilometres, through 6 Arctic National Parks and 16 Arctic communities, and explored many more places in between. He travelled by plane, helicopter, ship, boat, canoe, and on foot, often with the Inuit, stripping back day-to-day accoutrements to the basics of hiking boots, food, and a tent, in order to immerse himself in his subject.


When completed, the INTO THE ARCTIC collection will number over 100 oil paintings and graphite sketches and 3 documentary films. 


Through the INTO THE ARCTIC art, films, media stories, online content and public speaking, Trépanier is inspiring others with the beauty of the Canadian Arctic, one of the most fragile regions of our planet, and conveying a timely and critical message about the need to consider our impacts on the North.


INTO THE ARCTIC Exhibition Tour

As the culmination of the project, Trépanier’s INTO THE ARCTIC Exhibition Tour is bringing an unprecedented collection of over 50 Arctic oil paintings and 3 films to to the public. The exhibition premiered at the Embassy of Canada in Washington D.C.,  touring across North America and overseas to Monaco, where it opened at HSH Prince Albert II’s Oceanographic Museum. The centrepiece of the collection is the 15 foot wide Great Glacier, one of the largest Arctic landscape paintings in Canada’s history.

View the full tour itinerary and more details here: www.intothearctic.ca/exhibitiontour


“Like some of the great figures in polar exploration history, Cory Trépanier combines the courage and adventurousness of an explorer with the exacting skill and powerful creative vision of an artist.”  

– John Geiger, Chief Executive Officer, The Royal Canadian Geographical Society/ Canadian Geographic Enterprises


“Cory Trépanier’s passionate and accurate paintings of Arctic landscapes bridge the gap between Arctic science and public awareness. This is particularly important because the Canadian Arctic is changing rapidly due to accentuated human-induced climate warming.” 

– Vincent St. Louis, Ph.D., Professor, Researcher of Climate Change and Contaminant Cycling in the Canadian High Arctic, University of Alberta, Edmonton