A Place With a View

13 Jul A Place With a View

We took time to explore the other side of Omega lake this morning, just beyond the ridges it opens up a dramatically large vista. On one side, a massive braided system of the airport and rolling rock rivers, and around the bend a ways, the scenery offered a huge birds-eye view of Tanquary Fiord. In the foreground, were some of the ridges we climbed yesterday, and on the right, the rivers feed the bay. On each side are mountains rising out of the ocean, the water was a mix of ice and various shades of blue. But the backdrop to it all, at least a hundred kilometres away, were ice-topped mountains, taking on shades of blue-grey seen through the clear air and a perfectly clear light blue arctic sky. As we took time to take in this phenomenal sight, we felt very small and insignificant. We decided to go back to camp to have lunch and rest up in hopes of recharging for the evening turn to paint the awesome vista. All went according to plan, and soon I found myself battling strong winds while painting on the mountainside. Such a fantastic vista, this will be on a larger canvas when I return. Later back at our tent the breeze cooled things down nicely. After filming a few of the delicate flora covering the ground, we turned in at 1:30 a.m.

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