A Change of Pace

11 Jul A Change of Pace

Woke up through the night thanks to the wind hammering at the tarp that covered the emergency shelter we were sleeping in. A couple of extra cots were available when we arrived, saving us the need to pitch the tent for a night or two, then a welcome break. The shelter sleeps six, and the other cots had park staff and a two-person film crew from oasis television. They were here to film an episode of a new HD series about our Canadian Parks. As part of their Quttinirpaaq National Park show, they wanted to film Carl and I as I painted in the park. With the arctic winds howling, and the cold weather that blew in overnight, I didn’t know how things were going to work out. The afternoon brought a bit of sun to the scene, and as I painted, the interview and filming got done. We’ll see how it turns out next year when the show airs. We tried to get to bed a little earlier tonight, we’re heading for the mountains tomorrow.

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