INTO THE ARCTIC is Canadian landscape painter Cory Trépanier’s multi-year quest to capture Canada’s north on canvas. Experience this raw wilderness through art, expeditions, films, video journals, photos, exhibitions and more.

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    Episode 77

    EXPLORING HUDSON BAY: Cory takes in the sights of Rankin Inlet and Naujaat, discovering Hudson Bay Company history at the ruins of early Arctic explorer John Rae’s house from 1846....

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    Episode 76

    BEHIND IQALUIT: Cory paints and explores the wilderness around Iqaluit for the first time, by both land and sea, with the help of Arctic Kingdom....

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    Episode 75

    END OF THE THOMSEN: the 2nd week of Cory’s 9 week expedition, canoeing the remote Thomsen River, in Aulavik National Park on Banks Island. Produced for Parks Canada’s YouTube Channel as part...

Trepanier’s Glacierside, displayed at the Embassy of Canada in Washington D.C. for a year in 2015.

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Cory’s back on Canada AM

Canada AM’s Bev Thomson talks to Cory about his upcoming 2 month-long Into The Arctic: The Last Chapter expedition.

(June 23, 2015).

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FILM TRAILER: Into The Arctic II

Nominated for 2013 Canadian Screen Award

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TVO’s The Agenda

25 minute interview discussing the idea of “Bridging the Disconnect”: using his art and films to inspire others with some of the most remote and wild landscapes in Canada.
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