INTO THE ARCTIC is Canadian landscape painter Cory Trépanier’s multi-year quest to capture Canada’s north on canvas. Experience this raw wilderness through art, expeditions, films, video journals, photos, exhibitions and more.

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    Episode 76

    BEHIND IQALUIT: Cory paints and explores the wilderness around Iqaluit for the first time, by both land and sea, with the help of Arctic Kingdom....

  • ITA-VJ-75,still

    Episode 75

    END OF THE THOMSEN: the 2nd week of Cory’s 9 week expedition, canoeing the remote Thomsen River, in Aulavik National Park on Banks Island. Produced for Parks Canada’s YouTube Channel as part...

  • ITA2015-Video02-ANP

    Episode 74

    ON THE WATER: Cory’s 2015 expedition kicks off by canoe. Thomsen River, Aulavik National Park: most northerly canoe route. Produced for Parks Canada’s YouTube Channel as part 1 of 2 part in...

Trepanier’s Glacierside, displayed at the Embassy of Canada in Washington D.C. for a year in 2015.

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Cory’s back on Canada AM

Canada AM’s Bev Thomson talks to Cory about his upcoming 2 month-long Into The Arctic: The Last Chapter expedition.

(June 23, 2015).

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FILM TRAILER: Into The Arctic II

Nominated for 2013 Canadian Screen Award

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TVO’s The Agenda

25 minute interview discussing the idea of “Bridging the Disconnect”: using his art and films to inspire others with some of the most remote and wild landscapes in Canada.
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